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Great Strides To A Winning Athlete!

Verity was told she'd never be able to play sports or compete in an athletic event.

Verity could never physically keep up with her friends, and was told she'd never be able to play sports or compete in an athletic event. Her friends could run and jump but Verity's congenital myopathy, for which she wears leg and ankle braces, kept her from being able to keep up with her peers.


Yet she was able to compete - and won First Place for her riding division at the Fort Bend County Fair! It was a defining moment ... the first time she'd ever won anything! All made possible with the love and support she's received from the Reining Strength team and their wonderful horses.


Verity suffers from a congenital skeletal muscular disorder that has left her with weakened muscles all over, dismobility of her intestines, and chronic joint and muscle pain. She has had dozens of week-long hospitalizations to try and manage her symptoms, and surgery to manage her gastroparesis. She has made great strides since her time riding with Reining Strength, and has gained back some core and leg strength from riding. The therapeutic horsemanship sessions have boosted her strength and self-confidence.

Even on her hardest days, just being around the horses and talking to them instantly brightens Verity's day emotionally and allows her to forget the physical pain even for a little bit." - Verity's Dad

"The wide-eyed look of shock when Verity won her ribbon riding Iceman was a wonderful moment where I saw my daughter excel on horseback with the love and support of the Reining Strength team." - Verity's Mom

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