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Sally's* First Steps!

Four Years Old. Developmental Delay.

She Took Her Fist Steps!

This child was not only walking, but also not meeting developmental milestones relating to communication and motor planning. She began riding and immediately was taken with the horses. Unlike other forms of therapeutic activities that she had in the past, riding horses was a fun activity that she could participate in. 

After a few short weeks of riding, she took her first steps! How did this happen? Horses do not walk the same way as humans. However, when the rider's pelvis is in a neutral position astride the horse's back, the horse moves the human on the same three planes as the human gait. Front to back, side to side and rotationally. Additionally, riding a horse challenges an individual's balance and can assist in improving core strength. So in a sense, the movement of riding a horse can help teach the body how to walk.

* Name has been changed and stock photo has been used to safeguard the privacy of our client. 

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