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Susie* Has A Family Now

16 Years Old in Foster Care.
Survivor of Abuse & Trauma & Deemed "Un-adoptable."
For someone who has experienced abuse or trauma and is unable to trust other humans who have let them down repeatedly, the horse can be a wonderful bridge to rebuilding trust. Horses are very intuitive animals, being a prey animal they are extremely in-tune with emotions and are responsive to an individual's mood and feelings. 

Horses are incapable of dishonesty -- what you see is what you get, and for a young lady who was in the foster care system for years, challenged by severe abuse in her past and deemed un-adoptable because of aggressive behaviors, working with the horses was life changing.

One of the most important lessons horses can teach us is how to be assertive as opposed to passive or aggressive or you won't be successful. Not only did horses teach her that, but also assisted in restoring her confidence and self-esteem as she learned how to care for another living being who loved her unconditionally.

After six months of horse work, this young lady was adopted by a loving family. Her therapists and caregivers from foster care really attribute her life turn around to her work with the horses.

* Name has been changed and stock photo has been used to safeguard the privacy of our client. 

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